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Festival FRESCA! is an international festival of performing arts from the Institut Valencià de Cultura which launched in the city of Alicante for the first time in 2021.

Client: Festival FRESCA!
Date: 16 June 2021
Services: Website

01. Our Process

FRESCA! has a clear meaning in Spain.

FRESCA! is my grandmother’s lemonade; it’s my cousin, the one from Huelva.  FRESCA! is a night in August, a Sunday afternoon siesta or jumping in puddles on rainy days.   FRESCA! is relaxing in bed with nothing to do, it’s running through the countryside, it’s my sister’s face in the mornings. FRESCA! is culture.

The festival had a clear idea of its brand from the very beginning. Of what it is to be FRESCA! So it was clear we had to be bright, fresh, fun and modern for this brand.

We were provided with images from a photoshoot and used those to create the neon colour palette for the website. We worked closely with the client and the print media and social media teams to make sure the messaging and branding was consistent across all the media channels. 

02. Desktop Experience

On desktop, where we had more space, we included more side widgets for easy navigation around the site. From here you could easily browse the shows by name, whether FRESCA! or FRESCORETA! or by show type and more. 

03. Mobile Solutions

A series of festival campaign posters were dotted around the city with QR codes to take people to the website, so we knew that the vast majority of people would access the site from mobile devices, therefore the site had to be optimised for mobiles too. 

04. Other Features


As a performing arts festival with a different show running each night, we needed a clear calendar that gave the basic details of the show in a clear and concise format.

We also included the branding colours of the different show types, pink for the adult FRESCA! shows and blue for the junior FRESCORETA!

Clicking any of the shows on the calendar takes you through to a more detailed page for the show with pictures, a trailer and full synopsis. This page also included links to ticket sales.

Multiple Languages

Alicante forms part of the Comunidad Valenciana and so the city has two official languages; Valencià & Castellano. The client provided all the text in these two languages and all the pages were replicated to be easily accessible in both.

However, as Alicante is a truly international city, we wanted the text to be in English too so the site could be more accessible to all the visitors and international residents of the city. The English translations were all provided by Hey Now Studio.

05. Info

For ten days in August 2021 (in the middle of a pandemic) FRESCA! turned the Port of Alicante into a Performing Arts Festival full of emotion, talent & culture. 

Now we need to prepare for 2022!

Client: Festival FRESCA!
Date: 16 June 2021
Services: Website
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